How do I get a complete price?

Here at Viceroy Homes we have many custom materials and designs that can factor into price. Another strong factor into price is geographic location of the property. So to get a complete price you would have to call and speak to our sales team to discuss all information needed.

How do I start designing?

If you do not already have a design then you have a few options. First you can easily select one of our already designed homes from our catalog, or you can give us a call to sit down with our design team and start designing your new Viceroy Home.

How long does it take to build a Viceroy Home?

Once the design and sale is fully complete it currently can take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks to be built. But once again this can vary depending on location of the home.

What size of home can I get?

Here at Viceroy we build all different types of homes in different shapes and sizes. You can go as small as under 1000 sqft or as big as you want as long as the design is approved by our design and sales team.

Do we build garages?

Yes. We can build whatever suits your needs for your custom Viceroy Home.