Viceroy Trusses

Viceroy Trusses

The Beauty Of Viceroy Custom Trusses

Here at Viceroy we are primarily known for making our beautiful model homes that everyone loves. What people forget sometimes is the elegance of the details that go into these homes. Our custom made trusses are designed to fill everyone's needs with precision. Our trusses give your home another dimension of living and really tie everything together!

When choosing a truss design there are so many aspects and features that go into it. Here at Viceroy we understand that and help you throughout the entire process! We explain the benefits of installing trusses, everything from the strength of the to why they are economically friendly and sustainable.

10 Reasons Why To Choose Viceroy Framing

1. Smaller crew, here at Viceroy we have one expert framer and he or she has 2 helpers who can erect our factory-built walls quicker than a 5 man crew at any other facility.

2. Faster Production, with our factory-built walls, we can build a home within 5 days of the start

3. Unbeatable Quality, every stud is cut with our computerized CNC equipment. Our machines will frame rough openings precisely and nail every square inch of sheathing without missing a stud.

4. Reduce Theft, loose material means theft. Site theft is kept to a minimum by greatly reducing construction time and loose materials.

5. Weather ( Not a concern), rainy and snowy days do not slow down production. The controlled environment of our factory means framing lumber and sheathing stays clean and dry throughout the entire process.

6. Stable Prices, Because Viceroy manufactures a significant amount of homes per year, we leverage our buying power and pass the savings along to you!

7. Guaranteed Quantity, with your walls already built, material shortage isn't a concern

8. Increased Savings, enjoy savings on builders insurance and bridge financing

9. Minimal Waste, offcuts are minimal; so is the amount of unusable lumber. As a result, the site stays clean, and your waste disposal expenses are trimmed significantly.

10. Special Details Are No Problem, our computerized equipment makes it easy to eliminate unnecessary studs, add blocking, pre-drill for plumbing and electrical, or make other altercations.