Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinetry

The Elegance Of Viceroy Kitchens

Here at Viceroy we have a variety of kitchen designs made to suit anyone with any kitchen. We are constantly coming up with new designs everyday and put out heart into everyone. These kitchen cabinets are created with passion and quality products and are designed for anyone in any kitchen!

Kitchen 1

This first cabinetry design allows for open space and gives a beautiful open concept feeling. The cabinets are made with our custom MDF and can have a finish in a variety of colours.

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Kitchen 2

This modern U shape design allows you to move freely throughout the space and also gives you more than enough storage for all kitchen belongings.

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Kitchen 3

In this design , we can see the integration of different appliances you may have but also allowing you to have excess room for countertop space as well as space inside the cabinets.

Kitchen 4

Kitchen 4 can be completed perfectly with a beautiful island right in the middle of the floor. This is made for entertainment at the fullest!

Kitchen 5

Just as kitchen 4 was, this kitchen design is paired perfectly with an island right in the center. With all appliances integrated smoothly, this design never fails to impress any guest.